Wagner High School Athletics


T-Bird Bowl


Wagner Football | 11/13/2023

Thursday night November 9th we played the second edition of a new tradition here, the T-Bird bowl. In a thrilling matchup between the Red and Black teams, it was the Black Team that emerged victorious with a final score of 14-6.
The game began with a lightning-fast start as the Red Team's offense wasted no time in making their mark. On the very first play, wide receiver Brooks executed a remarkable touchdown catch. The offense was playing hard in large part due to the outstanding performance of Anthony Rodriguez, who showcased his versatility in the slot position by both running the ball and making crucial receptions. Moreover, Mark Riojas, playing a pivotal role at center, provided stellar blocking, which paved the way for the Red Team offense.
Defensively, the Red Team exhibited remarkable resilience and skill, effectively fighting hard against the Black Team's advances. Keith Collins, a dominant force on the defensive line, consistently disrupted their offensive plays. He pressured the run game all night. Linebacker Trez’vant Mason was a standout player as well, with his relentless efforts to halt the run and make crucial tackles. In the secondary, safety Jaylon Jones displayed excellent coverage skills, repeatedly breaking up passes and preventing the Black Team's receivers from gaining any significant yardage.
The Black team was made up of the JV offense and Freshman Defense. Their offensive performance was highlighted by some standout players, including Houston Sims, who shone as a slot back and demonstrated his skills in running the ball. Aaron Lenzy's reverse added an element of surprise to their offense, and Jaymeon O'Brien played a crucial role as the quarterback, effectively managing the game. Durell Steen also deserves praise for his exceptional running abilities, contributing significantly to the team's offensive success.
The black team's defense was equally impressive, with the freshman players showcasing their talent by recovering a total of four turnovers, including a crucial interception by #10 Immanuel James. Juan Gutierrez and his remarkable performance on the defensive line, combined with the exceptional efforts of Zion Stevens and Dylan Gailey at linebacker positions, contributed to the team's solid defensive game. This well-rounded performance from both offense and defense secured the black team's victory in the TBird Bowl. All of our young men did a great job for another great TBird bowl. With the weather like it was, they showed a fantastic T3 effort and the showed how bright the future of Wagner football really is as we continue to LEVEL UP.
Proud of the effort and competitiveness shown on both sides of the ball. This was an opportunity not only to continue to master our craft in a game situation but also another opportunity for us to grow as a team. Players were able to form relationships with the JV cheering on their Freshmen teammates and vice-versa. It was a great game overall.